Use Honing Steel Regularly:

Insure your knives stay stunningly sharp by using a honing steel regularly. Keep in mind that Honing re-aligns the edge, it is not meant to remove material , (That’s sharpening). By regularly honing your knives, you will maximize the time in between sharpening.

Use Proper Cutting Boards:

Only use wood or soft plastic cutting boards. Corian, glass, and other hard surfaces can dull blades quickly.

Use Honing Steel Properly:

Hold your Sharpening steel, tip down on a non-slip base. Hold the knife at a 16 degree angle to the steel’s shaft, then draw the knife in one smooth motion from the heel of the blade to the tip. Repeat 5-6 times on each side. Be sure to use the same number of strokes for each side.

Use Knives Only As Intended:

Never use a knife as a chisel, screwdriver, can opener, or for any other purpose than it was designed.

Store Knives Properly:

Protect blades and hands by storing your knives in a wooden knife block, knife tray or on a magnetic strip.


For best results, we recommend using a professional sharpening service rather than an over-the-counter sharpener. Slack belt sharpening should be used to restore the factory edge. Please visit our sharpening page for details on having us sharpen your knives for you.

Clean Knives After Every use:

Hand wash your knives in warm water after every use. Dry carefully after washing. NEVER place knives in the dishwasher as harsh detergent and bleach can harm knives.  An occasional light coat of mineral oil will protect your blades from corrosive elements. “Bar Keepers Friend” stainless cleaner will remove any water stains that develop and keep your knives nice and shiny.