Estate 4″ Paring


Forged from tough American steel, FE’s Precision 4” Paring Knife is commercial grade and built to last. Each blade is hand sharpened to a 16 Degree “apple seed” edge for long-lasting cutting performance. Our paring knife is the ideal knife for peeling, coring, slicing, and trimming small fruits and vegetables. The small blade allows for more dexterity and precision allowing tasks to be handled faster and easier. *Tough American Steel cryo-hardened to 61 Rockwell gives a fantastic cutting performance *Hand sharpened to a razor-sharp 16 degree apple seed edge provides a long-lasting performance *Double riveted and full tang for exceptional durability and control *Small blade allows for more dexterity and precision in cutting *Rounded heel, ideal for a comfortable pinch grip *The sharp pointed tip allows for piercing skins of foods

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Weight 293 g
Dimensions 293 × 32 × 108 mm

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